Chart Data Values

In Chart generated from BI Publisher, how do i show the data points in the chart.

Example, say on top of BAR being displayed,i want to display the data values.

Have answered this many times, but did not note it down for others to refer.
<MarkerText visible="true">
<ViewFormat numberType="NUMTYPE_GENERAL" numberTypeUsed="true"  />

open the chart image in RTF, right click, format picture, got to ATL TEXT tab.
add the following text between the element.

Chart Title

How to change the font and color in graph title

Here it is.

Use the Bi Publisher chart - option to change the fonts/color

Apply number locale dynamically

Number format in Bi Publisher.

If i have a requirement to display different locale number format in same report, how am i supposed to do it.

Probably, the locale will be available in the xml itself, How do i use that display the number format for that locale correctly as needed.

Oracle has provided with number formatting function, i already have discussed few of them before.

There was a question about this in the forum.

Here is the real example of how to do it.

Row filters

How do i suppress row in the loop in BIP ?

Obviously, we need to understand the condition what we need to apply. Once you identify the condition , it just we need to apply on the loop.
One common mistake , people do is , they dont understand and write the conditions based on xml. The xml element might not be under the parent on what they are looping. So need to understand the xml structure to form the condition.
here is the sample

BIP Formatting

Adding formatting is easier in BIP.
It can be done manually or automated through menu.

How to add the BIP formatting manually,  here is an example.
Just add the logic and the formatting you needed.

How to add the BIP formatting through menu,  here is an example. use the Menu and choose conditional formatting You have to select the data filed and choose the menu option conditional format

Conditional Formats

Add the condition logic for you requirement inside the IF statement and END IF